Give your stairs the makeover they deserve!

A staircase is almost always one of the most eye catching features of a home, especially when they can be seen from the front door. They are also one of the most used surfaces in the house. Typically, floors will get damaged after so much traffic throughout the years.

At Flooring Bonanza, we’re able to restore your existing staircase with our sanding and refinishing process. Out professional installers can sand, stain, seal, and finish your steps to bring them back to life.


Before and After

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What is the process like?

First, any existing carpet or runners on the stairs will be removed. Next each individual tread will be sanded to bare wood. Once the steps are sanded smooth, they’re ready for a stain of your choice, or can be left natural to bring out the beautiful tones and shades in the wood. A sealer is then applied, and followed with a finish of your choice (matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss).


New Tread Installation

If the treads underneath the carpet are bad quality, beat up, or beyond repair, new treads can be installed to match the existing wood throughout your home. New treads can be installed on “open” steps where there are balusters/spindles, or on “closed” steps where the ends of the treads meet the stringers.

If you are looking for superior service and the finest quality in Staircase Refinishing & Hardwood Floors Installing Sanding and Refinishing, Look no further then Flooring Bonanza, Hardwood Flooring Contractor!

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